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From Jeff Schnitzer <j...@infohazard.org>
Subject Docs? Please?
Date Sun, 29 Oct 2006 01:36:08 GMT
Just to inject a quick reality-check...

No matter what you want to call your next version, the existing 1.0 
release is fatally broken.

The code seems to be fine, but both the packaged docs and the online 
documentation describe something significantly different from the 
software included in the release.  I can't tell if the docs describe an 
older version of the software or a newer version of the software.

We'd really like to convert our popular SMTP server library 
(http://subethasmtp.tigris.org/) over to MINA but the threading 
explanation seems to be wildly off.  It's a shame because MINA looks 
great and we've already converted over the postfix tcptables 
implementation in SubEtha Mail.  The library is great - you'd probably 
get 10X more adoption if the docs weren't obviously wrong.


P.S.  Just because I can't resist bicycle sheds... the even/odd release 
numbering is dumb.  Everyone who has ever used a Microsoft product 
(read: everyone) knows that X.0 releases are far less stable and mature 
than X.1 releases.  Just call it 2.0 and release it soon - with correct 
docs and all jar dependencies.

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