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From Akbar Munir Chaudhary <ak...@acm.org>
Subject IoHandler notifications not being called by Mina v1.0 for localhost
Date Mon, 20 Nov 2006 12:22:08 GMT
I have recently switched to Mina v1 from v0.8. Though it must be a trivial mistake on my side,
but i am not able to receive any message that is sent from client to server or from server
to client. I did write the most basic client and server, without the protocol layer, using
on ly the IoHandler. The "sessionCreated" is called on both sides. The notification "sessionOpened",
"messageReceived" and "messageSent" are never called. I then tried using my client with a
third party server. The message from my client to the server reached successfully but the
server's message to my client was never received (the fact that "messageReceived" was never

As a 2nd step, I compiled the reverser application that comes with MINA and used it with 3rd
party client. The reverser server did not receive any message from the client.

I am using Java 5 (Update 9) on Windows XP (SP2). Was not able to use Ethereal to sniff traffic,
as I was testing only on localhost, for which Ethereal does not work on Windows. Any help
or pointers as to my mistake will be greatly appreciated.


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