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From Julien Vermillard <jvermill...@archean.fr>
Subject Re: Using different implementation for IoSession
Date Tue, 02 Jan 2007 13:57:19 GMT
Le mardi 02 janvier 2007 à 14:16 +0100, Michael Bauroth a écrit :
> Hi Niklas,
> indeed it seems, that there are better solutions :)
> What I want to do is to implement a send queue for each session. This 
> send queue should hold several (more than once) objects already sent or 
> awaiting to send to a specific client.
> Each of the objects can / must be send more than once because it can 
> happen, that while the transaction (GPRS) data get's lost. After a 
> specified amount of retries the object must be dropped and the sender 
> must be informed, that there was a problem.
> On the other side the objects / commands should be removed from the 
> queue, when the server get's a response from the client dedicated to a 
> specific command (mapped over id's).
> Ok, I can add a queue to a session over setAttribute. I can use 
> IoSession.write(Object) to forward a specific command to the client. I 
> can use an encoder and / or messageSent(IoSession, Object) to put the 
> command to the "attributed" queue and messageReceived to remove it from 
> there.
> Seem's that it is ... WDYT?
> Best Regards
> Michael

Hi Michael,

I think the best way is to implement that as an IoFilter you will plug
in your filterChain when you need this transport behaviour.


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