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From Christophe Graulle <christophe.grau...@free.fr>
Subject SocketIoProcessor issue ?
Date Wed, 10 Jan 2007 15:12:11 GMT
Hi all,

loooong time ago I used Netty 1.9.2 and I solved an issue into the 
so-called "WriteController" in the flush() method.
The issue was a channel.write(buf) returning 0 when the kernel buffer is 
full. At that time i solved it in retrying until there is enough room 
into the buffer and the write does not returns 0.
Today in Mina 1.0.1 the SocketIoProcessor has the same behavior in its 
method doFlush().
The way its is solved in Mina is to set the SeletionKey.OP_WRITE into 
the SelectorKey and let the system manage it. It was alos done like this 
in netty 1.9.2 and did not work.

As I have the same application bahvior when buffer if full I suspect 
that the way it is done in not enough.
Could you confirm that in that case the write will be effectively 
terminated ?
If yes fine, but if not I would suggest to do some retries to let the 
buffer emptying.

Sorry ir was long but I think it was necessary.

Trustin, you may have an idea on that because we talked about that long 
time ago.

Thank you for your help


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