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From "jian wu" <hellojia...@gmail.com>
Subject Need Help: Any experience with "126 - Cannot assign requested address" on Solaris 10
Date Fri, 05 Jan 2007 19:38:05 GMT

I'm writing TCP/IP Proxy Server using Mina 0.94, it'll accept multiple
TCP/IP Clients and route the requests to a back-end TCP Server.

I have a python test driver, Proxy Server with Mina, and a python
Server simulator all running on Sun AMD Operton 64/Solaris 10

My test driver will run 40 concurrent threads, each thread will simulate
a TCP/IP Client, which will open TCP connection to Mina Server,
send request, wait for response and close the connection. The
test driver is running in loop to keep connecting and sending.

After running for a while, my python client did get connection
error "126 - Cannot assign requested address", I googled it,
it seems that it is caused at server side.

Is it possible that Mina SocketAcceptor is overloaded and can
not accept incoming connection? If this is the case, how can
I tune Mina to improve the throughput? I already set the 24
threads in ThreadModel at both end of Mina and the JVM
Memory is stable around 100M.

I should also mention that the application protocol is a Text
based protocol, and typical length of request and response is
less or around 1K.

Any tip or suggestion is really appreciated.

Thanks a lot!


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