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From Frédéric Brégier <fred.breg...@free.fr>
Subject Re: Order that data is received?
Date Thu, 03 May 2007 17:19:59 GMT
Hi Trustin,
Probably I didn't seen the bug in the mailing list
or didn't make the relation with my problem.
I am using Mina from version 0.9 almost one year ago
and I move very early to the "trunk" version after some weeks.
I regularly update my Mina version (the one I use
now has 1 month old).

I do not of course upgrade every day since I don't want
to spare too much time on adapting my code.
But I found that the trunk version was really close
to my wishes (specially thread pool).
Of course, I am one of the "trunk" user that would like
to have a "stable" version of 2.0 pre1 to be released.
But I know the problems to be able to do that
so I will not try to push you too much...

However I should test my program again without
this "false fix" in my code in order to see if I can
reproduce this bug or not.
I think I will not have anymore this bug since
you always have the right answear, of course !
Thank you to point me this !!
It should simplify my code, obviously...


----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Trustin Lee"

Hi Frédéric,

On 5/3/07, Frédéric Brégier <fred.bregier@free.fr> wrote:
> One remark, possibly erroneous, so correct me if I am wrong:
> TCP ensures that packet will arrive in the same order on the server
> side as they were sent by the client but then if there are threads,
> nothing ensure you that they are managed in this order once MINA
> has created the thread process (in the filter logic I mean).

Yes, MINA needs to maintain the order of the fired events, and it does
already in ExecutorFilter.


> I have seen this using a demux io handler. One client send a first 
> message,
> generating a new thread, then send the next message (possibly a different
> type of message) and generating again a new thread on the server side.
> Then, sometimes (on multi processor servers) I saw the second
> thread finishing its work before the first one (the business logic
> was less on the second message than the first message of course).

Which version of MINA are you using?  There was a related bug in
branches/1.1, but it has been fixed in the latest releases.  Please
let me know how to if you can reproduce the problem.

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