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From Yigal Rachman <yi...@uvic.ca>
Subject mina-sm: other options?
Date Fri, 25 May 2007 18:05:30 GMT
Hi, Folks:

Yesterday my first MINA-based code went into production.  As expected, 
it is working wonderfully well - really cool!  Thank you all for making 
MINA such a joy to use.

As noted by others in this group, MINA is very well suited for use with 
state machines because all the operations are non-blocking.  I am 
planning to exploit this for the instrument drivers that I am developing 
with MINA, but am still researching the best tools for the job (no 
offense to mina-sm).  The most promising tool I have found is CHSM 
(Concurrent Hierarchical State Machine).  The home page is 
http://chsm.sourceforge.net/index.html  .  Written originally for C++, 
it now works for Java, too.

If you have an interest in state machines in general, then the original 
thesis that spawned CHSM is a must-read:  
http://homepage.mac.com/pauljlucas/resume/pjl-chsm-thesis.pdf  (there is 
a link to it from the home page, too).  It describes in detail the 
theory of hierarchical state machines (based on UML state charts - much 
more powerful than the "usual" state machines), the programming 
algorithms, and some great examples.  It is the best work on the subject 
that I have found thus far.

CHSM is a pre-compiler, which may make it more awkward to use than 
direct java.  However, I suspect that there may be a way to rework it to 
use java directly, in the spirit of mina-sm.

Comments, anyone?

Yigal Rachman
Instrument Data Acquisition Developer

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