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From Emmanuel Lecharny <elecha...@apache.org>
Subject Re: grizzly versus mina
Date Sat, 26 May 2007 17:59:39 GMT
Mehmet D. AKIN a écrit :

> Still benchmarks  presented in that document seems contradicting
> Trustin's benchmarks. In the presentation it says Grizzly with Async
> web is just a little faster than a "C based web server " but almost
> two times faster and scalable than Mina.But  Trustin's test also shows
> that Mina based Async Web server is a little faster than a C based
> Server (Apache HTTP)  so there is something fishy going on here..
> If only we had a  wider benchmark suite which tests for different
> types of protocols and loads, instead of microbenchmarks.
> Mehmet

I think that Mladen just summarize the situation with benchmarks : 
everyone has one... :)

 From my POV, and as I conducted a lot of benchmark on Apache Directory 
Project, benchmarks are good for internal use, just to see haow good you 
are or how far from the competitors, or to be able to answer stupid 
questions lie "can you afford 100 000 requests per second?" when you 
*know* that your potential client is expecting to have 100 req/s max ;) ...

Nothing more. But doing benchmarks, fixing the code, and getting better 
number is definitively great fun !


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