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From Pat Farrell <pfarr...@pfarrell.com>
Subject OT: license comments [was Re: stun server based on mina
Date Sat, 26 May 2007 18:19:03 GMT
Adam Fisk wrote:
> This is off topic, but out of curiosity how many people reading this would
> contribute and/or use something under a BSD license where they would not
> with something under the GPL?

For me, using an Apache or BSD license is a lot easier, since I tend to 
work for commercial (altho not evil) ventures. The big factor is that 
with Apache and/or BSD (and to a lesser case LGPL) it doesn't cause the 
bosses so much heartburn, and they don't have to spend time and money 
with lawyers.

This can quickly get OT, but I write code, and use tools like Mina to 
both improve the world and make money to pay for pizza and beer.

Pat Farrell

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