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From "Constantine Plotnikov" <constantine.plotni...@gmail.com>
Subject AsyncObjects 0.3.1
Date Tue, 22 May 2007 12:04:30 GMT
I would like to introduce the AsyncObjects framework (as for now the
version 0.3.1 [released today, so might be unavailable on some sf.net
mirrors]). The home page is available at
http://asyncobjects.sourceforge.net .

The framework has a goal of simplifying development of asynchronous
components and applications. The framework is based on ideas of E
programming language (http://www.erights.org). However some ideas are
borrowed from SEDA as well. I believe that the framework is simpler to
use and work with than SEDA and provide a similar level of

I suggest looking through developer's guide samples to see how
different core concepts play out.

The framework is not yet optimized. I will work on it future versions.

There is also a NIO wrapper, that is not yet fully tested and
optimized. It works on selected samples. It could give an idea on how
to use the framework to implement NIO connector. Some choices about IO
interfaces are somewhat controversial and they have not been checked
in practice.

The samples in the download archive include a chargen and echo
protocol implementations (see runecho.cmd and cryecho.cmd). They are
not yet implemented as benchmarks and they mostly just help to test
the framework.

The feedback on the framework is welcome.


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