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From "Ersin Er" <ersin...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: grizzly versus mina
Date Fri, 25 May 2007 13:33:24 GMT

MINA started a new trend in NIO based frameworks. It's elegant and I
am sure it can be further optimized for performance. What I care now
is how easily I can integrate it into my application and MINA with new
enhancements seems to be quite cool in this job.

And it's Apache!

On 5/24/07, Adam Fisk <adamfisk@gmail.com> wrote:
> The slides were just posted from this Java One session claiming Grizzly
> blows MINA away performance-wise, and I'm just curious as to people's views
> on it.  They present some interesting ideas about optimizing selector
> threading and ByteBuffer use.
> http://developers.sun.com/learning/javaoneonline/j1sessn.jsp?sessn=TS-2992&yr=2007&track=5
> Maybe someone could comment on the performance improvements in MINA 2.0?  It
> might also be useful to look at Grizzlies techniques to see if MINA could
> incorporate them.  I know at least Scott Oaks from Grizzly is a solid
> performance guy, so their numbers are likely correct.
> Quick note:  I'm not trying to spark a Grizzly/MINA battle by any means.  I
> just started using MINA after having implemented several generic NIO
> frameworks myself, and I absolutely love MINA's approach.  It allowed me to
> code a STUN server in 2 days, and I'm porting my SIP server now.
> Thanks,
> Adam


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