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From "Kevin Smeltzer" <kasme...@lakeheadu.ca>
Subject Mina connection problem
Date Wed, 25 Jul 2007 05:31:57 GMT
I am having a problem connecting to my a Mina based server from a Mina
based client application.

The client appreas to connect using this code:

session = connectFuture.getSession();

The server log shows that the client connects and the client's
sessionOpened(IoSession session) method is called:

    public void sessionOpened(IoSession session) throws Exception {
		clientListener.doConnect( session );


In the clientListener.doConnect method the connection is still valid
and everything seems to be working perfectly:

public void doConnect( IoSession session) {

		client.sendRequest ( new bgClientRequest ( request ) );

Then, in the sendRequest method, the session is null before I have
even done any processing!

What is happening?
Does an IoSession member of my IoHandlerAdapter class get destroyed somehow?
If so, why?

Thanks everyone.

Kevin Smeltzer

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