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From fred.breg...@free.fr
Subject Re: Testimonial
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2007 10:37:38 GMT
Hi Trustin, you're right!
So let me try again (my experience is more on PhD, articles than testimonial...

Mina allows us to get the network layout of OpenLSD done in about 2 months,
saving us about 9 months to 1 year of developement and fine grain testing, so we
can focus on other problems.
Open Legacy Storage Document, a framework for document archiving for huge
storage, brings security, network layout, JDBC, good performance, and allows
at least 2 peta bytes of documents (2000 tera bytes, the limit is virtually
2^192 bytes).
Our benchmark were OK with massive import capacity (through network with
multiple processes) of 1400 documents per second, network (web) retrieves of
1000 documents per second with small latency. Network (MINA) was not the
bottleneck so we can focus mainly on database optimization. For the web
interface, our Tomcat app connects to OpenLSD Server using pool of Mina
connections almost like a JDBC pool.
Any Mina problems were resolved very quickly either by a quick fix in Mina
itself (a few) or by code fix resolved through the support in the Mina's mailing
list. This was one reason of this success.
Therefore we continue to use Mina on other relatives project(email archiving and
mimic of a profesionnal file transfer monitor). Again, Mina is helping us to
focus on what the applications need to do and not too much on network layout.

Well, a little bit longer, but I try to focus more on the numbers and what Mina
brings to our project for newcomers.
Of course, any comments are welcomed. I hope this one is better...
Thank you Trustin and Julien, if I can help Mina to get more users, I would be


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