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From "James Im" <im-ja...@hotmail.com>
Subject Re: Asynchronous Http Client donation
Date Sun, 19 Aug 2007 07:28:11 GMT
Yes, this would be a great addition, as asynchweb is getting nowhere (at
  least the client part and may be even the server part).

Jeff Genender wrote:
>Mark wrote:
>>I will have some free time in the next week or so.  I can take the lead on
>>incorporating this into the baseline, if someone wants to give me a good
>>recommendation as to where to place the code.  My initial thought is to
>>create a new top level project inside of the trunk.  Maybe
>>"mina-asynch-httpclient" ?
>+1 from a non-binding person ;-)
>>On 8/17/07, Jeff Genender <jgenender@apache.org> wrote:
>>>First, I want to say that I am a big fan of Mina.  For those who don't
>>>know me (which is everyone), I am a committer on Geronimo and have had
>>>several people ask about an async http client API to use with our NIO
>>>clients with comet for the 2.0 Geronimo server.  We have had folks who
>>>want to be able to do HTTP calls to 3rd party servers from servlets/web
>>>apps to get content, and not tie up a thread while its doing its thing.
>>>So I decided to try to whip together an API that was similar to Commons
>>>HttpClient, fully asynchronous, but based on Mina...and I think I have
>>>80-90% of it completed.  It is here:
>>>For what it's worth...it doesn't seem appropriate for Geronimo. So I
>>>would like to donate it to Mina.  Please have a look at it and give me
>>>feed back for if I have gone down the right path.  It can be enhanced
>>>greatly as this is just a start, but I think it can be very useful and
>>>become a powerful API with everyone moving to NIO.
>>>Don't hold back any comments ;-)  I would really like to see an API like
>>>this and I believe Mina is just perfect for this.
>>>Please let me know what you think..and if you don't think its right for
>>>Mina..thats ok too ;-)  But getting your feedback would be best for
>>>me...and making this a community project is even better ;-)

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