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From "Trustin Lee" <trus...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: final AbstractIoSession
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2007 15:56:41 GMT
Hi Steve,

On Dec 6, 2007 9:07 PM, Steve Ulrich (proemion)
<steve.ulrich@proemion.com> wrote:
> Hi Trustin
> Trustin Lee wrote:
> >
> > I thought about this issue again and again every night (OK, I'm
> > exaggerating) and realized what you want to do (overriding
> > AbstractIoSession.write()) can be done alternatively by adding a
> > filter that intercepts the write call.  Does it fulfill your needs?
> >
> hmm... somehow.
> I did it this way now, but in my opinion it's not the best possible
> solution. As I wrote before, I'm working on a test class which is testing my
> handler class. As far as I understand the unit test sight of things, I
> should mock up nearly everything I give to the tested method. This way I can
> evaluate what the method is doing, without giving any attention to the
> environment. That's why I wanted to override/mock the write method. But I'm
> not interested in everything, ie. get/setAttributes.

Creating a mock object for IoFilterChain or IoSession is often a very
complicated task due to its complexity and because the mock
implementor has to implement most of the functionality just like the
real implementation.  That was why I provided full featured
DummySession with built in default IoFilterChain implementation.  It's
the heart of MINA so it seemed almost impossible to create a mock
filter chain or attribute map to me.  If someone could come up with
more elegant solution, I would be more than happy.

> > I also would like to emphasis again that making concrete methods final
> > in an abstract class is good for maintenance because it doesn't lead
> > the subclasses to weird behaviors at least.
> Maybe there are some points where final statements helps to understand
> things. Maybe my intention is not a usual thing and/or I misunderstood
> something. I just wanted to make sure, that this is well thought and point
> out some possible problems.
> There are no other people crying and you spend some nights over it now and
> have no doubt about that change, so I think that will be ok.

Thank you for your understanding and let's keep thinking about this
issue to roll out the better solution.

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