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From 이희승 "(Trustin Lee)" <trus...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: MINA and prebinding of privileged ports
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2008 04:21:19 GMT
Hi David,

Unfortunately, we decided not to add any new features to 1.x.  Any new
features will go to the follwing milestones of 2.0.0.

IIUC, your request is that MINA should provide a hook so you can do
something before listening to the channel, right?  It shouldn't be that
difficult to add such a hook because we already have an
IoServiceListener interface.  We could add another handler method there.
Does it sound good?  If you have some time, you could file a JIRA issue
regarding your request so we can keep track on it.


2008-02-24 (일), 18:56 -0800, David Connelly 쓰시길:
> Hi,
> I am working on adding MINA/NIO support to Zimbra's mail server and so far
> the only problem I've encountered is the lack of support in MINA for
> prebinding of privileged ports. In this case, the server binds the server
> socket while running as "root" then calls native code to setuid to a less
> privileged user before listening on the server socket. Unfortunately, the
> SocketAcceptor bind() method not only binds the server socket but starts
> listening on the server channel immediately as well, which prevents
> prebinding of the ports.
> Our temporary workaround has been to add a new 'register' method to
> SocketAcceptor so our application can create and bind the
> ServerSocketChannel as root, setuid to the zimbra user, then call 'register'
> to allow MINA to start listening on the server socket.
> Any chance something like this or similar could be added to the MINA core in
> 1.1.x? This would be a big help for us so we don't have to indefinitely
> maintain our own patched version of SocketAcceptor.
> Thanks,
> David
Trustin Lee - Principal Software Engineer, JBoss, Red Hat
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