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From Dave Roberts <dave.robe...@saaconsultants.com>
Subject [FTPServer] Plans for Logging
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2008 15:22:21 GMT
With the "standard" IOListener, it was easy to trace each connection
within the log output, because each connection was handled by a
different thread.  Filtering by thread ID, gave the full picture.

With the MinaListener, multiple connections are handled by a single
thread, and it's not possible to differentiate between the sessions
within the log output.

I see MINA provides a SessionLogger, and the latest FTP Server code
also refers to the (now defunct) IoSessionLogger, as well as a
reference to MDC.  However I don't see MDC as the magic wand
solution here, as it simply provides a per-thread area for static data.

I'm guessing the MINA group have hit these problems already, hence
the provision of the SessionLogger in the first place.  Obviously,
using it throughout FTP Server will require passing it around, or at
least a way to get at it.

Just wondering: where do we go from here?

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