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From Michael Bauroth <Michael.Baur...@falcom.de>
Subject Spam (low): Question regarding http-filter-codec
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2008 08:44:09 GMT

I've written a decoder extending the old HttpRequestDecoder. Now I want 
to do some extra stuff with the already decoded headers and content, 
before I forward the data to the handler. I thought, that the way to do 
this is to override the finishDecode method (use the normal parsing 
stuff, do my own right before sending, send it).

Please see my sample code for explanation. Is this the right way? And if 
it is here comes my problem: The HttpRequestDecodingState is only 
defined as friendly class in the codec package and not visible from 
outside. What would you suggest?

public class OwnRequestDecoder extends HttpRequestDecoder
   public OwnRequestDecoder()
     super( new HttpRequestDecodingState()
       protected DecodingState finishDecode(List<Object> childProducts, 
ProtocolDecoderOutput out) throws Exception
         for (Object m: childProducts)
            * do some own logic here
            * e.g. modify some data or build new data
           Object o = doLogic( m );
           out.write( o == null ? m : o );
         return null;

Best Regards

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