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From r..@ich.ms
Subject Mina 1.x and Flash (Actionscript 3)
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2008 19:13:01 GMT
I want to build a Mina server (latest 1.x) for a Flash (Actionscript 3, normal socket, not
XMLsocket) Client.
I started with the Chat example server. The login works, but after that, the client fails
to send data that Mina would understand. Nothing arrives in messageReceived. I already read
the threads that are found when one searches for "Flash" but it didn't help.

There's the hint that patching the TextLineCodecFactory with \0-terminated lines would help.
I built the custom constructor and changed that part in the Main class of the example (chain.addLast("codec"...)).
What else  do I have to do, for this having an effect? Are session.writes and socket reads
changed automatically then? The extended class looks like this:

public class FlashTextLineCodecFactory extends TextLineCodecFactory {
    private final TextLineEncoder encoder;

    private final TextLineDecoder decoder;
	public FlashTextLineCodecFactory(Charset charset, String encoderDelimStr, String decoderDelimStr)
        encoder = new TextLineEncoder(charset, new LineDelimiter(encoderDelimStr)); 
        decoder = new TextLineDecoder(charset, new LineDelimiter(decoderDelimStr)); 

This extension didn't change anything.

The strange thing is, that the Login works. The server can read the LOGIN command from the
client and the client can read the LOGIN OK from the server.

With the Java Swing chat client everything works perfectly.

Thanks for your support in advance, I'm in a hurry a bit... ;)

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