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From "Niklas Gustavsson" <nik...@protocol7.com>
Subject Re: Shall we create a dedicated CWiki space for FtpServer?
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2008 20:17:07 GMT
My turn to reply to an ancient thread :-)

On Fri, Mar 7, 2008 at 12:04 PM, 이희승 (Trustin Lee) <trustin@gmail.com> wrote:
>  Yes, I know we had a dedicated CWiki space before and Niklas moved all
>  pages.  However, I thought it might make more sense to revert this back
>  because AsyncWeb already has its own CWiki space.  IMO, all subprojects
>  need to have its own CWiki space, or none at all for consistency.

Yes, moving the pages over made me realize some serious deficiencies
with the merged spaces, such as several obvious page name clashes
(Building, Downloads and so on). Theses resulted in prefixed page
names (e.g. ftpserver-downloads) where it made sense. Over all, I
think this just leads to confusion when editing the wiki.

Therefore, I agree that we should probably move them apart again and
I'll be volunteering (if not delighted) to reverse my job :-)

Then, the FtpServer wiki could be exported to a /ftpserver directory
beneath the main MINA site. I also think we need menu items in the
left hand menu for the subprojects.

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