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From Emmanuel Lecharny <elecha...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: setTrafficMask poll again
Date Tue, 04 Nov 2008 17:24:15 GMT
Maarten Bosteels wrote:
> Wasn't it an attempt to implement throttling ?
I have no idea. The documentation is pretty scarse, it's not used 
anywhere but as a parameter passed from method to method,  the event 
type is never used to create an event ...
> When requests are coming in faster than they're being processed
> => set TrafficMask to block reading
Which part of MINA is setting this flag ?
> => TCP buffers will fill up (OS level)
> => TCP will tell sender to slow down
> => OOM prevented
> when queue of incoming messages gets smaller => resume reading
May be it's a part of a big DoS protection heuristic, but it seems to be 
lagging seriously. Even the throttling filter is a bit incomplete ...

Anyone has a better picture than me on this matter ?

cordialement, regards,
Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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