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From Bernd Fondermann <bf_...@brainlounge.de>
Subject Re: Header stuff
Date Tue, 12 May 2009 07:27:38 GMT
Michael Jakl wrote:
> Hi!
> On Tue, May 12, 2009 at 08:54, Bernd Fondermann <bf_jak@brainlounge.de> wrote:
>> Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
>>> Note : We also have to use the same @author tags everywhere.
>>> SSHd uses :
>>> @author <a href="mailto:dev@mina.apache.org">Apache MINA SSHD Project</a>
>>> FtpServer uses :
>>> @author The Apache MINA Project (dev@mina.apache.org)
>>> MINA uses :
>>> @author The Apache MINA Project (dev@mina.apache.org)
>>> AsyncWeb still have personal author's tags like :
>>> @author <a href="mailto:adrian@ephox.com">Adrian Sutton</a>
>>> In this case, we have to do three things :
>>> 1) check that those authors are Apache committers
>>> 2) check that the code was either committed as a part of the project or
>>> as a part of an ASL 2.0 compliant project
>>> 3) if they are external (ie, ASL 2.0 compliant license project), then we
>>> have to check that the notice.txt contains the correct attribution
>> For 2) and 3), where the origin of the code is not at the ASF covered by
>> and *CLA, my understanding is that there should be either an IP grant on
>> file or a corresponding JIRA with a checked ASF-license box.
>> Nevertheless, the author tags could be removed altogether, because they
>> are not a copyright (the original author retains copyright anyway, it is
>> irrevokable AFAIK) or a licensing statement.
> I was to support your suggestion, but after a second thought the
> author tag might have a benefit. Since everybody has the right to copy
> and use the code, it could be all over the internet, with the author
> tag it's clear where the code comes from (even if Google points to
> some class deep down the hierachy).

Actually, it already _is_ all over the internet (at least for the MINA
case :-). I intended to refer to _individual_ author tags, not the ML
author tag, which I think is should stay.

> On the other hand, removing redundancies (since it's the same
> information everywhere) is also a good thing.
>>> In any case, we should use the same tag formet (SSHd format ios probably
>>> more convenient, if we consider Javadoc).
>> +1
> dev@mina.apache.org is a mailinglist, so it *might* not be the best
> address to add without further notice (how to subscribe to it for
> example). It isn't possible to send a mail to dev@mina.apache.org
> without subscribing, is it?

It is possible, but the posting won't go through directly, it is subject
to moderation. That's how most MLs@ASF work.

> I'd propose something like this:
> @author <a href="http://mina.apache.org">Apache MINA Project</a>
> At the homepage is everything one could possibly need (source,
> documentation, and contact information). I don't know if it's better
> to point to the subproject or not, though.

Maybe there have already been extensive discussions about this in the
past, but we should give that a second thought. The website will stay,
while mailing lists for projects (sometimes) change, as projects grow
and MLs are forked.

Essentially, I am fine with both approaches.


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