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From Bernd Fondermann <bf_...@brainlounge.de>
Subject Re: [Vysper] PubSub question
Date Fri, 17 Jul 2009 06:50:38 GMT
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Matus Zamborsky wrote:
> Unfortunatelly that's only part of the answer. What would you do in
> federated architecture, where many domains interconnect and every domain
> has its own pubsub service. According to the XEP you have to pull the
> subscribtions from all potential pubsub services(better said  I dont see
> in the XEP anything about getting all your subscribtions to different
> domains)

Yes, there is no concept of a central service or repository of all your

But you'd /only/ have to keep a list of all servers you have
subscriptions to, then you are able to query each one for the details.
Private storage would be appriopriate for keeping this list, AFAIUI.

I'd recommend to re-ask this question on the PubSub@xmpp.org list, though.


> Bernd Fondermann  wrote / napĂ­sal(a):
>> Matus Zamborsky wrote:
>>> Last day I went through PubSub XEP, and also tried to find some info on
>>> web. One thing I am not sure I understand correctly is, that according
>>> to pubsub specification you dont have a way to get all nodes where you
>>> are subscribed. Image that in federated architecture, quite a nightmare.
>>> So unless you save your subscribtions externaly or maybe use private
>>> storage, you dont have a way to know where you are subscribed. Do you
>>> know what is the standard way of doing this(maybe the private storage)
>>> or am I missing something?
>> Good question!
>> As far as I can see, section 5.6 of XEP-0060 covers that, a recommended
>> feature of the spec.
>>   Bernd

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