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From David Latorre <dvl...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Version 2.x - Norweigian Wood
Date Sat, 05 Dec 2009 14:44:04 GMT
2009/12/4 "Trustin Lee (이희승)" <trustin@gmail.com>:
> On 2009/12/04 9:25 pm, Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
>> Glenn Ivar Klausen a écrit :
>>> Emmanuel LŽcharny wrote:
>>>> Well, less than "dead wood"...
>>>> This name was picked by someone who was at the origin of the project,
>>>> at a time he was pretty alone working on it (since then, he quit). I
>>>> personnaly don't think it's a good idea to attach a name with a
>>>> version, à la Ubuntu (I have always been totally lost with Intrepid
>>>> Jakal or Laughable Vampire, not being able to make a connection with
>>>> 8.04 or 9.10).
>>>> Anyway, I think we should get rid of those useless nicknames.
>>> Ok, ... I was just referring to the fact that Norwegian is spelled
>>> wrong, however, its a good point regarding the nick names.
>>> G (Norwegian)
>> Wikipedia, about "Norwegian wood" :
>> "This exchange took place in a press conference in Los Angeles on 24
>> August 1966:
>> Reporter: I'd like to direct this question to messrs. Lennon and
>> McCartney. In a recent article, Time magazine put down pop music. And
>> they referred to "Day Tripper" as being about a prostitute...
>> Paul: Oh yeah.
>> Reporter: ...and "Norwegian Wood" as being about a lesbian.
>> Paul: Oh yeah."
>> :)
> It actually means a novel with the same title [1].  Other code names are
> also the titles of Haruki's novels.  The code names were never announced
> anyway.  Feel free to remove it from JIRA.  I'd be glad to take it over to
> Netty [2].

What a great novelist he is :-) To my mind, having our 'nickames'
based on Haruki's novels instead of what's usual in other projects (I
won't  give any examples ...) is something to be proud of :P
But it is true that version numbers are much more useful so ..
whatever. Otherwise I would suggest "sputnik" as a new nickname (and
goal) for next MINA version. That's from "Sputnik, my love" by
Murakami, of course.

I'm sorry that no one seemed to notice the misspelling, Glen, but
these things happen from time to time, my apologies :P Btw in Spain,
they coined their own title for this novel, although it is in English!
Tokio Blues ( Ok, so not English either as they don't say Tokyo but
definitely not Spanish).

> Trustin
> [1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norwegian_Wood_(novel)
> [2] http://www.jboss.org/netty/

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