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From Julien Vermillard <jvermill...@archean.fr>
Subject Re: MINA 2.0 bugs parade, #2
Date Tue, 19 Jan 2010 17:23:46 GMT
Le Tue, 19 Jan 2010 13:12:28 +0100,
Emmanuel Lecharny <elecharny@apache.org> a écrit :

> Hi guys,
> some progress has been made last week. Here is the current status.
> Here are he remaining issues : ([B] = Bug, [I] = Improvement, [T] =
> task, [F] = new Feature, [W] = wish)
> MINA 2.0-RC2 roadmap :
> ----------------------
> [B] DIRMINA-539    NioDatagramConnector doesn't takes the
> TrafficClass value set to his DatagramSessionConfig
> [I] DIRMINA-707    Add sendfile support to APR transport
> [I] DIRMINA-682    We need a better documentation for the
> ExecutorFilter [was :Writing more than one message will block until
> the MessageReceived as been fully proceced]
> [I] DIRMINA-593    Javadoc & documentation for
> org/apache/mina/filter/reqres [T] DIRMINA-756    Bump up the used
> jars (partially fixed) [T] DIRMINA-708    Unbound thread growth on
> discovery attempts : Improve documentation
> [T] DIRMINA-477    Update page about differences between 1.x and 2.x
> Unscheduled :
> -------------
> [B] DIRMINA-738    Using IoEventQueueThrottler with a
> WriteRequestFilter can lead to hangs
> [B] DIRMINA-737    StateMachine deadlock on StateContext
> synchronization [B] DIRMINA-724    getScheduledWriteMessages not zero
> after all sessions closed
> [B] DIRMINA-683    APR transport on FreeBSD throwing Exceptions
> [B] DIRMINA-379    setKeepAlive/setTcpNoDelay and exceptions in
> Windows Vista
> [I] DIRMINA-752    maybe move SerialAddressEditor.class to the mina
> beans project
> [I] DIRMINA-723    OrderedThreadPoolExecutor behavior: configurable
> queue size, corePoolSize, maximumPoolSize
> [I] DIRMINA-657    SSL Filter and IoHandler.     Unassigned
> Sanjeev Sachdev
> [I] DIRMINA-509    DatagramConnector.connect() is slow compared to
> connect() with java.net.DatagramSocket
> [I] DIRMINA-301    New Multi threaded SocketIOProcessor to improve
> fairness of socket reads/writes
> [F] DIRMINA-705    Transport for unix local sockets based on APR
> [F] DIRMINA-655    Add a more general purpose text based decoder
> [F] DIRMINA-500    Cache for encoded messages.[F] DIRMINA-484
> Datagram transport based on APR (Apache Portable Runtime)
> [F] DIRMINA-499    Bindings for Scala
> [F] DIRMINA-389    Create a Connection Throttle Filter
> [F] DIRMINA-258    Example of an XML server and Client.
> [F] DIRMINA-196    Connection shaper
> [F] DIRMINA-128    IoSession.shutdown(TrafficMask)
> [T] DIRMINA-250    Provide a test suite for a transport implementor.
> [W] DIRMINA-355    Modified sumup client to act as a jmeter
> javarequest sampler
> [W] DIRMINA-641    Configurable memory limit for CompressionFilter
> [W] DIRMINA-715    Ability to set timeouts for
> NioSocketConnector.connect()
> We have probably one single important bug to check : DIRMINA-738.
> DIRMINA-755 has been fixed, and it was a major one.
> All the other JIRA's are not really critical, and I guess that once
> DIRMINA-738 has been investigated, we will be able to start a vote.
> I have also added some Javadoc in many classes, but there is still a
> lot to add. At some point, a complete code review is necessary.
> Thanks !

Cleared a bunch of unscheduled issues.
Remaining unscheduled issues : 

BTW how do you did your fancy txt export ?

Julien Vermillard

Archean Technologies

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