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From Emmanuel Lecharny <elecha...@gmail.com>
Subject [MINA 3.0] Which filters should we keep ?
Date Fri, 08 Jan 2010 14:03:59 GMT
Hi guys,

in MINA 2, we have many different filters, and I'm not sure we need all 
of hem. Here is the list :

o NoopFilter : probably useless...
o ReferenceCountingFilter : Used to count the number of FilterChain we 
have (ie, the number of session, somehow). Does not seems to be usefull...
o SessionAttributeInitializingFilter : Used to inject some default 
attributes in the session when it's created. Same : probably superfluous
o FileRegionWriteFilter : Converts FileRegion to IoBuffer. Not convinced 
about the interest of such a filter ...
o StreamWriteFilter : I do think that it's not the Filter purpose to 
handle the messages that are to be written. We should instead define an 
interface for messages that allow the system to write them, whatever the 
container used.
o ProfilerTimerFilter : Shouldn't it be a part of the core system, in 
coordination with JMX ? When using a filter to do some timing, we lose a 
part of the action, as we have some processing bing done before the 
filter is called...
o SslFilter : I really think it shuld not be a filter, but a part of the 
network layer. You negociate SSL first, then you accept incoming messages.
o RequestResponseFilter : Due to the total lack of doco ( cf "TODO Add 
documentation"), it's difficult to say anything about this Filte. Maybe 
by reading http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/DIRMINA-92?
o BlacklistFilter : Supposely block IPs. Uses a List internally, most 
certinly suboptimal. Probably useful to have.
o BufferedWriteFilter : Useful ? Not sure... probably better to disable 
Naggle Algorithm and let the underlying network layer dealing with this. 
Not sure...
o MdcInjectionFilter : Useful, definitively
o ConnectionThrottleFilter : Useful.
o ErrorGeneratingFilter : Was supposed to be designed for tests. Not 
sure it's useful.
o ExecutorFilter : Mandatory.
o KeepAliveFilter : Never used it, but I think it can be useful.
o LoggingFilter : I'm really not convinced it's a good to have filter. 
People can define such a Filter using their prefered logging system so 
easily, I don't see the intrest to have such a filter in core...
o ProtocolCodecFilter : Must have, but needs a lot of refactoring.
o ProxyFilter : Let's keep it. I don't like its name, because I'm not 
sure it's explaining exactly what his filter is doing, but I'm also 
probably not smart enough :)
o CompressionFilter : Must have !
o WriteRequestFilter : I don't really understand the need fo such a 
filter... But I have not analyzed it in detail. Waiting for insights

That pretty much it for MINA 2. So far, I think we can restreint the 
list of usful filters to :
- BlacklistFilter
- MdcInjectionFilter
- ConnectionThrottleFilter
- ExecutorFilter
- KeepAliveFilter
- ProtocolCodecFilter
- ProxyFilter
- CompressionFilter

wdyt ?

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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