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From Emmanuel LŽcharny <elecha...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Not sure why...
Date Tue, 19 Jan 2010 19:32:08 GMT
Alan D. Cabrera a écrit :
>> IMO, we should log :
>> - where we got the exception if we know that no log has already been 
>> generated
> I'm against this since you usually have no idea if someone else has 
> logged the error.
When you are writing a framework, you are the one responsible for 
logging, nobody else will do that for you. This is why I think it's 
important to log as close as possible to the place the error was produced.

>> - In some case, it might be interesting to use a specific logger. For 
>> instance, if you grab a new connection to a LDAP serve,r and get an 
>> exception, using a dedicated logger can help when analysing 
>> specifically all the LDAP related issues.
> Interesting idea but my experience has been that you need a "larger" 
> context to make sense of things.  I think that if we did have a 
> dedicated logger then we would log to both w/ the chattier logging 
> going to the dedicated logger.
Not necessarily. I have written such system where dedicated logs were 
produced (mainly JDBC or LDAP or whatever technical system) but not 
duplicated in the mail logs, or with less detailed errors.

Anyway, most of the case you'll will be able to know when you added too 
many logs by running the code you have added some logs to.

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