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From "Alan D. Cabrera" <l...@toolazydogs.com>
Subject Re: RC1, RC2, etc
Date Sun, 10 Jan 2010 14:00:13 GMT

On Jan 10, 2010, at 5:50 AM, Emmanuel LŽcharny wrote:

> Alan D. Cabrera a écrit :
>> On Jan 9, 2010, at 11:54 AM, Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
>>> Alan D. Cabrera a écrit :
>>>> Cool.  I think we should rename 2.0.0-RC2 to 2.0.0 to better  
>>>> communicate that intention.  WDYT?
>>> Well, until we have a stable version (I mean, no serious bug), I  
>>> would keep RC*. Then we can switch to 2.0.0-GA ot 2.0.0.
>> What's the point in releasing a version of MINA that is so badly  
>> unstable that we must release it under RC2, RC3, RC4, etc.?
> I never said 'so badly unstable'. I said, we need to have a stable  
> version which has been proved bug free for a certain time at least  
> before switching to a GA. So far, we can't anticipate bugs, as we  
> don't think we intoduce bugs when we write code !
> We certainly don't want to wait 4 years before going for a GA, but  
> considering the serious issues we found in RC1, we may want to be  
> sure that RC2 is used and tested by as many users as possible before  
> we can consider it as a GA.
> OTOH, we can also release a 2.0 and switch to 2.0.1 as soon as we  
> fix bugs.

That's what I was thinking.  People understand that the first release  
of any version will tend to be a bit flakey; only the Pope and my  
mother-in-law are infallible.  :)  We remedy that by quickly releasing  
patches, 2.0.x.  Releasing an RC will not attract people to start  
using it.  Slow lumbering RC releases gives the impression that the  
community has stalled.

> IMHO, it's all about the message we send to our users. People tend  
> to think that RC are unstable by essence, we tend to think that we  
> are simply cautious. If the GA is buggy, then it's the opposite :  
> users think we are lazzy, and we think that it does not matter, we  
> just have to provide a new bug fix release.
> There is no way we can catch two birds with a single stone ...

Yep, and that's why I was thinking that Mina should follow the  
standard convention of tight RC releases that span a few weeks  
followed by a real release w/ many micro patch releases.  The nice  
thing about patch releases is that it reveals to outsiders that the  
community is active and vibrant.

Just my 2 cents...


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