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From Emmanuel Lecharny <elecha...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [jira] Updated: (DIRMINA-762) WARN org.apache.mina.core.service.IoProcessor - Create a new selector. Selected is 0, delta = 0
Date Wed, 03 Feb 2010 09:52:51 GMT
Hi Victor,

Victor a écrit :
> [I tried to add this to Jira, but Jira throws me an error :) ]
Hmm, Jira is tired this morning. I also got some errors. You have to insist.
> Emmanuel, I remember a bug where ConcurrentLinkedQueue$Node was the 
> main actor :) It is DIRMINA-709.
> When I investigated it, I have seen that GC was busy all the time and 
> there were tens of millions of ConcurrentLinkedQueue$Node objects, 
> they were allocated and released frequently. I tried to profile our 
> server with YourKit profiler... without success because of high load 
> (it was in production).
I see the CLQ$Node objects accumulating on the test, but they get 
garbage collected when GC kick in. However, I don't know why they are 
present, as they should have been removed as soon as they have been handled.

> Then I prepared my own "profiling tool" for this concrete problem. It 
> uses AspectJ - I have added an aspect for Queue.offer() and 
> Collection.add() method executions and grabbed most popular 
> stack-traces from where these methods were called. If necessary, I can 
> share my "tool" here.
I'm not sure we will go with Aspect-J in MINA, but I'm wondering if 
those are not good candidates for JMX counters.

Anyway, DIRMINA-762 seems to me a different beast. Further investigation 
I have done last evening were quite interesting and puzzling too:
- after a while running the client, even if it's an infinite loop, it 
looks like only 3 threads receive data when all the 61 others are just 
doing nothing. It's like they are dead, but in RUNABLE state !
- another interesting thing  : as I only have 3 NioProcessor to process 
all the load, I have added an executorFilter in the chain, and what I 
see is absolutely scarry : every time you launch some new clients, as 
many threads are created on the server *and never removed or reused*. 
Even if you stop the clients. It's like those threads are dead and useless.

Ok, I may need some coffee here, I have to rerun the tests now that I 
got some sleep, but I find those things a bit annoying. I will 
investigate more today.

Emmanuel Lécharny

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