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From Emmanuel L├ęcharny <elecha...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Ready for MINA 2.0 release (almost)
Date Mon, 13 Sep 2010 09:30:54 GMT

> Hi,
> Now that 2.0. is coming so close, I tried to get a cleaner fix for the
> MdcInjectionFilterTest that used to be failing.
> Sorry that I didn't get to it sooner.
> The problem lies not so much in that test-case.
> IMO, the problem is basically that since revision=900163 [1] we no longer
> have an API to block until an AbstractIoService is completely disposed.
> I am afraid that we have a lot of test-cases that leave threads behind, when
> finished.
The problem with the way people were using dispose was wrong : calling 
dispose() in a listener was a garante for a deadlock, as the wait was 
done in the same thread.
> I have just added an overloaded dispose method :  public final void
> dispose(boolean awaitTermination) that resurrects the previous behaviour.
> To be safe I didn't change the default behaviour : dispose() =
> dispose(false) = do not wait for termination.
> Out of curiosity, I ran all tests with dispose() = dispose(true) and they
> all passed.

Can you post the code you have added ?
> I also added the attachment for DIRMINA-755 as a test-case.
> Note that you should run the main-method instead of the test-case : running
> the test-case from my IDE (Intellij IDEA) just resulted in "All Tests
> Passed" instead of blocking until all threads finish.
Can you attach the test in DIRMINA-755 (re-open the issue until we apply 
the patch)
> The weird thing is that the behaviour is unpredictable.
> When you run the test several times, most often the call to dispose is done
> by NioProcessor-6, but sometimes it's done by the "main" thread !?
> (it's always run by main when  you uncomment the call to Thread.sleep)
> The following questions remain :
> * should we support calling connector.dispose from the closeFuture callback
> ?  I don't think so.
> * If we don't support it, should we try to detect it, and log a warning
> about is ? I don't think so.
> Trying to detect if people are shooting themselves in the foot is not easy
> in this case (or at least not elegant).

Sure !

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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