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From Emmanuel Lecharny <elecha...@gmail.com>
Subject Mina 2.0.0 release : heads up
Date Tue, 14 Sep 2010 19:19:55 GMT
  It was a painful day today... Who says that Maven is saving you time ?

Anyway, thanks to Olivier Lamy, we were able to 'release' Mina 2.0.0, 
well, almost.

The problem I had to fight against all day long was that a 
xxx-source-release.tar.gz file was created and ended eating my whole 
disk. How possible ? Simple : the parent apache pom now contains some 
default configuration telling the assembly plugin to generate the source 
files because it's *mandatory* to release sources at The ASF.

WTF ? I *know* that it's mandatory, and I'm capable of telling the build 
to generate the sources files myself !

The biggest issue with this approach is that this defaut config was 
gathering *all* the sources from *all* the modules, and stroes them 
where you tell him to do, namely in the distribution/target directory. 
So where was the problem ? distribution/target was considered as a place 
where some sources were stored, so maven was reading the file found in 
this directory and stored them into the release-source file. You bet 
that it stored the file into itself until the disk is full !

So Olivier Lamy patched the main pom to override this stupid behavior.

It was not the end of the story : everything went fine, except two things :
- My PGP key is suposely not found in any server when I try to close the 
staged repo in Nexus. Fuck it ! I successfully closed a staged repo 
yesterday with the *exact* same pgp key, so whats wrong with it today ???
- and the distribution module has not been released correctly in the 
process : it's marked as 2.0.0-RC2-SNAPSHOT in the 2.0.0 tag.

I'm not sure that the second point is really a problem, as the 
distribution module is just used to generate the bin and srcs packages 
that will be available for our users, except that the names are not correct.

The pgp key problem is more problematic, and I think I will try to cut 
another release either tonite, or tomorrow.

Let me tell you one thing : nothing is simple when it comes to release 
something at The ASF, and the tools we are using are frankly far from 
being perfect. At some point, I'm wondering if we should not just simply 
tag the sources, and forget about what we put in the maven repo. Once 
the sources has been tagged, whatever we put in maven is just produced 
from the tag anyway, and this is not what we vote anyway. Maven release 
is just adding a huge amount of burden we could perfectly avoid here.

That's it for now...

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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