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From Steve Ulrich <steve.ulr...@proemion.com>
Subject RE: [MINA 3] Session write queue
Date Mon, 18 Apr 2011 10:13:32 GMT
D4n Outlook. This time with a better quotation... I hope

> Emmanuel Lecharny [mailto:elecharny@gmail.com] wrote
> Fair enough. But we can mitigate this risk on the IoProcessor too, by
> pulling out of the queue all the messages for a session, until the
> socket can't accept any more writing. Something like :
> while () {
>      WriteReqest message = queue.get();
>      Session session = message.getSession();
>      Channel channel = session.getChannel();
>      while ( channel is ready for write) do {
>          channel.write( message );
>          message = queue.get( session );
>      }
> }

That would require a queue per session. So I don't see a difference to the prior model. I
thought you wanted a single queue for all session of an IoProcessor.

> Does it sounds crazy ?

No, but I'm currently not seeing the difference, besides the fact that the IoProcessor handles
the queues. Maybe I'm misunderstanding your suggestion.

> > * An additional cpu cost will be the increased synchronization
> efforts inside the queue... There will be more threads, writing to the
> same queue at the same time.
> No, because the IoProcessor is using one single thread.

Ok, I'm not too deep into the IoProcessor, but I thought the writing requests of different
sessions (put to the queue) could be handled simultaneously, while the IoProcessor itself
is single-threaded (poll from the queue).

> Hmmmm, whatever the queues use, it's irrelevant. There is no reason
> that
> we don't use the same in the IoProcessor queue, as we have the exact
> same number of elements in this queue than the number of all the
> elements used in all the Session queues.

Maybe there is a little overhead for each queue, but I don't think that it is big enough to
justify a design for itself.

> > Write-Throttling may be done by a filter. IMHO It's the better place
> anyway.
> Absolutly.
> > So you may have the option to place the write throttle at the start
> of your queue and save processor speed.
> Yes. The problem is to deal with the throttle in a filter, which is not
> totally obvious.

Yes, I have tried it by myself, but didn't get too far.




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