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From Emmanuel Lecharny <elecha...@gmail.com>
Subject [3.0] LDAP codec implemented, some more thinsg to add
Date Tue, 25 Oct 2011 17:02:01 GMT
Hi guys,

I just added the LDAP codec into MINA. We discussed a while back about 
implementing as much codec as possible in MINA, in order to be able to 
provide those protocol codec for those who would like to use them (it 
would be very cool to be able to have something like Ethereal, well, 
Minareal :)

It works well, messages get decoded and encoded. However, this is far 
from being enough.

When we think about LDAP, we have two side to consider : the server, 
which processes Requests, and the client, which process responses. Both 
should work on top of MINA and its Ldap codec, but we must provide some 
handler for requests and responses.

I was thinking about adding two interfaces (LdapRequestHandler and 
LdapResponseHandler) that need to be implemented by either the server or 
the client. It's not really a big deal, not MINA's problem.

I now have more questions :

Another important thing we have in MINA 2 is a way to demuxing the 
handlers : right now, in the committed code, we do something like :

         public void messageReceived( IoSession session, Object message, 
ReadFilterChainController controller )
             if (message instanceof AbandonRequest) {
                 handle(session, (AbandonRequest)message);
             } else if (message instanceof AddRequest) {
                 handle(session, (AddRequest)message);
             } else if (message instanceof BindRequest) {
                 handle(session, (BindRequest)message);
             } else if (message instanceof CompareRequest) {
                 handle(session, (CompareRequest)message);

It's quite ugly. We could have a filter that associates a message type 
to a dedicated handler. In MINA 2.0, we had a DemuxingIoHandler handler 
in charge of each type of message, doing an assication between a type 
and the handler class.

Q1 : Should we add this class to MINA 3.0 ?

Another important point is that, in LDAP, we may abandon a running 
request. That means we *must* allow two requests to be processed 
simultaneously. Of course, we can only process those two requests when 
they have been decoded. The only way to do that is to inject an 
ExecutorFilter in the chain after the codec filter.

Q2 : Should we add an executor filter, or should we require the handler 
to deal with such a scenario ?

Wdyt ?

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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