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From Mike van Goor <m...@probie.nl>
Subject Re: synchronous client and sever socket messaging
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2012 16:04:21 GMT

Another way would be to temporary remove the OP_READ from the other 
socketchannels on the selector.
I am not sure if this is supported by MINA to be honoust.

Like Emmanuel stated there is no way to stop a client from sending data 
to the server. The above method will only stop MINA from reading the 
buffers untill you set the interest back on the selector.


Op 5-11-2012 16:55, Emmanuel Lécharny schreef:
> Le 11/5/12 4:17 PM, daniel vettori a écrit :
>> suppose three clients and one server are there....now one client connects
>> to server..and at that time, dont want other two clients to interact with
>> socket server untill the processing of message based on delimiter get
>> over
>> between server and the first client.......
> There is nothing you can do on the server to forbid a client to actually
> send some message to the server. This is a server...
> What you can do is to send a message to all the clients telling them
> that they should not send a message until the server send a ack to them,
> assumin the clients *will* respect this information. Again, this is all
> related to the protocol you define, it has nothing to do with the MINA
> API or whatever IO.
> This is really a bizare requirement...

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