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From Julien Vermillard <jvermill...@gmail.com>
Subject MINA 3 : things done and to be done
Date Fri, 09 Nov 2012 20:50:56 GMT
This is the followup to Emm mail about our Apachecon hack & talk but
focused on MINA 3.0

Things done during the 3 days :
 - messageSent reintroduced for solving the issue emmanuel raised on
controlling the queue size
 - sessionCreated was removed because sessionOpen is probably enough (if
you have a valid use case for sessionCreated in place of sessionOpen raise
the hand please :)
 - introduction of selectorLoopPool for handling R/W event of connected
 - selectors were debugged and now select() is blocking : no more 1second
timeout (performance!)
 - selectors are started before the first connection so there is no penalty
for the first client accept
 - idle checker is running in a separate thread so it have less impact of
R/W processing
 - some test were created for NioTcpServer
 - Ashish polished some code and doc issues
 - selector registering/unregistering simplification & debugging
 - simplified the NioTcpServer API, creating a server can be dead simple :

final NioTcpServer server = new NioTcpServer();
// create the fitler chain for this service
// the server is up !

Things to be done soon :
 - fix the codecFilter it's in a poor state
 - introduction on the IoHandler
 - exception management : produce nice and mina oriented exception, don't
throw back encapsulated IOException to the user face
 - executor filter replacement : add a executor between the last filter of
the chain and the IoHandler
 - read/write suspend
 - udp server write
 - connector !
 - write/close/open async method : do we keep the future ? do we create
async and synchronous version the APi calls ?

There still some work to do but now we are pretty confident on the chosen
thread model and simplification. The code is much cleaner !

It was a very productive session, we need to do that more often.

Perhaps we can choose a regular date for doing to skype/gtalk hangout
meeting ? like every week at a fixed hour ?


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