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From Raphaël Barazzutti <raphael.barazzu...@gmail.com>
Subject Codecs and CumulativeByteBuffer
Date Sat, 15 Jun 2013 09:42:44 GMT
Hi all,

According to the helpful comment of Ashish (thanks!), I had to add a
cumulative mechanism in codec in order to have correct unserialization
in the Thrift module as well as in the Protobuf module.

Look here : https://github.com/rbarazzutti/mina.git on branch

For this I implemented a class named CumulativeByteBuffer to handle
properly these accumulating needs in the decoding phase.

Nevertheless another class, IoBuffer, is providing mechanisms close to
the one of CumulativeByteBuffer. IoBuffer has an API more similar to
the one of NIO's ByteBuffer, while CumulativeByteBuffer only provides
a subset of that API. IMHO, CumulativeByteBuffer is simpler and gives
some additional tools which are convenient for decoders.

Ready for comments,

Kind regards,


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