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From Dave Roberts <dave.robe...@saaconsultants.com>
Subject Re: locking files while being downloaded
Date Tue, 22 Oct 2013 11:41:12 GMT
On 21/10/2013 21:15, Gentian Hila wrote:
> Is there any way to make sure that when one file is downloaded from the
> user, a second connection from the same user won't be able to download it
> again?

An Ftplet implementation should be able to handle this.

You could physically move/remove the file in the afterCommand
method, but that would mean that only 1 user ever downloads the
file.  The advantage is that you've nothing further to monitor.

Alternatively you could monitor the downloads per user with some map
field, as you suggest.  You can add to this when afterCommand is
passed a 226 (as per your other query from yesterday).  Then in the
beforeCommand method, you check if the file already exists in the
map for that user.  Or to lock the file, add the reference in the
beforeCommand, and remove it on failure in the afterCommand.

The user information can be obtained from the FtpSession passed in
to both methods.

Obviously you'll need some means of expiring entries from the Map
otherwise it will grow continually.

Anything more elaborate (like filtering out the downloaded file
names from any file listing), you'll need to provide your own
FileSystemFactory etc. implementation or extend the existing Native one.

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