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From Steve Ulrich <steve.ulr...@proemion.com>
Subject RE: MINA on multihomed machine
Date Thu, 28 Nov 2013 15:23:28 GMT
> dhruv.chopra@shephertz.co.in wrote
> Thanks! that clarifies things.. I guess I would run in to this 64k
> limit only when in my tests I run the clients and the MINA server on
> the same machine.

There may be a catch if your clients are mobiles or within another NAT-ed network. Most mobile
providers hide their users behind NAT-gateways, so the connecting "client IP" is the gateway
of the provider. Depending on the logic and number of routers/router IPs, it may be a problem
or not.
We had some problems with mobile providers at argentinia, where the oversimplified logic (port=
++lastport) of the gateway caused some trouble with a few hundreds of devices. That was some
years ago and they managed to solve it after some time.
So a small port range may be a good idea if you are planning to have a huge amout of connections.



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