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From Roy Lenferink <rlenfer...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Moving MINA site from SVN to Git
Date Tue, 11 Feb 2020 13:22:32 GMT
Hi Emmanuel,

Thanks for your reply! See my inline comments.

On 2020/02/10 23:34:29, Emmanuel L├ęcharny <elecharny@gmail.com> wrote: 
> Hi Roy,
> On 10/02/2020 16:00, Roy Lenferink wrote:
> > Hello MINA developers,
> >
> > I noticed MINA is still serving its site from SVN with help of the Apache
> > CMS.
> Yes. It has been this way for around a decade (actually, as soon as the 
> CMS was proposed). before that we were using a buggy Confluence -> 
> website generator.
> > At the Apache Celix project we decided to move away from the CMS and move
> > towards git for serving our website [1]. The master branch contains the
> > actual
> > website sources whereas the generated website is served from the asf-site
> > branch.
> > Hugo is being used as static website generator. Content is written in
> > Markdown.
> How different is it from the CMS syntax ? We have quite a complex 
> template to manage the sub-projects, and I would be interested to know 
> what it meant to convert the MINA site from The ASF CMS to Hugo...

If you mean the content written on the site, that will still be in Markdown. If you mean the
for the different subprojects (SSHD, FtpServer etc..), Hugo provides so called 'layouts' for
If already experimented with this here: https://github.com/rlenferink/mina-site/tree/master/layouts
And this results in the same look and feel the current website has. Duplicate code is minimized
because Hugo provides the ability to include files as well from within its template.

Different styles:
- http://mina.roylenferink.nl/
- http://mina.roylenferink.nl/mina-project/mina-project.html
- http://mina.roylenferink.nl/asyncweb-project/asyncweb-project.html
- http://mina.roylenferink.nl/ftpserver-project/ftpserver-project.html
- http://mina.roylenferink.nl/sshd-project/sshd-project.html
- http://mina.roylenferink.nl/vysper-project/vysper-project.html

And the user guide still functions as well:

(above pages are all generated using Hugo)

> >
> > I experimented a bit with MINA its site and have something working with Hugo
> > as well now. An example of its output is (for demo purposes only) available
> > on [2]
> >
> > Moving to git can enlarge the visibility of how projects are functioning.
> > Next
> > to that, new contributors can just create a pull request against the website
> > repository if they find anything they want to improve. And a 'Edit on
> > GitHub'
> > button can be added as well to the site, e.g. an example of a page on the
> > Celix website [3]
> I'm quite interesting to move away from the ASF CMS for at least 3 reasons :
> - git
> - being sure that we still can update the site when the ASF CMS will be 
> decommissioned.

Which is why I started this thread. The CMS has been introduced 10 years ago and new
projects are not allowed to use the CMS anymore. Probably projects will indeed have to move
to an 
alternative solution when the ASF CMS will be decommissioned.

> - generated docs update are a PITA (with frequent removal of them due to 
> some bad manipulations)
> OTOH, I don't want to spend days on such a task...

The website in general is already converted to use Hugo as static content generator.
The main changes where making sure the the page headers were changed from:
    Title: <page name>
    Notice: <ASF Notice>

to the Hugo syntax
    type: <page layout>
    title: <page name>

Next to that some code-snippets had to be updated from e.g. :::java to ```java (the Markdown
approach). But that is done as well already.

About the not wanting to spent days: I am offering my help as well with this migration process
projects will become independent about the way their sites are being served.

> >
> > If the community is interested in this move what I propose:
> > - Someone from the PMC to request a new git repository for the website via
> > [4] called e.g. mina-site
> > - Me creating the pull request from the repository I am temporarily using
> > for the website contents [5] to the official mina-site repository
> > - In the meantime discuss with INFRA about the best way to host the
> > gen-docs (it could be part of the repo in the /static/ folder, however if
> > there
> > is a better way it is best to discuss this upfront).
> yes, this is a kind of a concern. Any system that is simpler than what 
> we currently have withe The ASF CMSl would be a relief. I can't count 
> the number of times I have had to reinject those generated doc because 
> there was a mistake and they were simply removed by the process...

As a new person having a look at MINA its website I first had a look at the mina/site folder
in SVN but
completely missed the gen-docs. Had to spent some time to figure out were it was being served
and what the extpaths.txt exactly was meant for (in the end found the solution in the MINA

> > - Create a Jenkins job to automatically build the site after changes happen
> > on the master branch.
> > - When the pull request is reviewed and merged ask INFRA to move over
> > from the current svnpubsub to the gitpubsub approach and remove MINA
> > from the Apache CMS.
> >
> > I'd like to hear everyone's opinion on this :)
> All in all, I'm interested !

Good to hear :) I'll ask around a bit about possibilities for serving the /gen-docs/ folder
serving from git can be an option but maybe there are better alternatives for this).

> Thanks !
> >
> > Best regards,
> > Roy
> >
> > [1] https://github.com/apache/celix-site
> > [2] http://mina.roylenferink.nl/
> > [3] http://celix.apache.org/contributing/releasing.html
> > [4] https://gitbox.apache.org/setup/newrepo.html
> > [5] https://github.com/rlenferink/mina-site
> >

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