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From Gerard Frederic <Frederic.Ger...@atosorigin.com>
Subject So many handles for Server in windows ?
Date Tue, 06 May 2008 09:56:42 GMT

Everything works fine in Windows, but after some tests i can see many handles with Process
Explorer (device/afd/endpoint)
Is this normal ?
Thank you

Process: java.exe Pid: 6008

Type    Name    Handle
Desktop \Default        0x3C
Directory       \KnownDlls      0x8
Directory       \Windows        0x14
Directory       \BaseNamedObjects       0x2C
Event   \BaseNamedObjects\userenv:  User Profile setup event    0x570
File    D:\apps\Secure-AFT      0xC
File    D:\Documents and Settings\user_serv\Local Settings\Temp\hsperfdata_user_serv\6008
File    C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_14\lib\rt.jar    0x19C
File    C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_14\lib\jsse.jar  0x1A4
File    C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_14\lib\jce.jar   0x1AC
File    C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_14\lib\charsets.jar      0x1B4
File    C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_14\lib\ext\dnsns.jar     0x36C
File    C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_14\lib\ext\localedata.jar        0x374
File    C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_14\lib\ext\sunjce_provider.jar   0x37C
File    C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_14\lib\ext\sunpkcs11.jar 0x384
File    D:\apps\Secure-AFT\lib\aft.jar  0x38C
File    D:\apps\Secure-AFT\lib\aftd.jar 0x394
File    D:\apps\Secure-AFT\lib\backport-util-concurrent31.jar   0x3A4
File    D:\apps\Secure-AFT\lib\ftp4che071gen15.jar      0x3AC
File    D:\apps\Secure-AFT\lib\ftplet-aftd.jar  0x3B4
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x3B8
File    D:\apps\Secure-AFT\lib\log4j-1.2.15gen15.jar    0x3C0
File    D:\apps\Secure-AFT\lib\mina-core-1.0.8.jar      0x3C8
File    D:\apps\Secure-AFT\lib\mina-filter-ssl-1.0.8.jar        0x3D0
File    D:\apps\Secure-AFT\lib\slf4j-api-1.4.3gen15.jar 0x3D8
File    D:\apps\Secure-AFT\lib\slf4j-log4j12-1.4.3gen15.jar     0x3E0
File    D:\apps\Secure-AFT\lib\sysmm-1-1-0b1.jar        0x444
File    D:\apps\Secure-AFT\log\aftServ.log      0x458
File    \Device\KsecDD  0x488
File    \Device\Tcp     0x4E0
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x4E4
File    \Device\Afd\AsyncConnectHlp     0x4F0
File    \Device\Tcp     0x50C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x57C
File    \Device\Tcp     0x580
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x598
File    \Device\Tcp     0x59C
File    \Device\Tcp     0x5A0
File    \Device\Tcp     0x5A4
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x5C0
File    \Device\Tcp     0x5C4
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x5D0
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x5DC
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x5F8
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x600
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x644
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x648
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x660
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x6B8
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x790
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x794
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x798
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x7A4
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x7A8
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x7B8
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x7CC
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x7D0
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x7D4
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x808
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x820
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x838
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x83C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x840
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x848
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x84C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x868
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x86C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x878
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x884
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x894
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x898
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x8C0
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x8C8
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x8CC
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x8D8
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x8DC
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x8E0
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x8EC
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x8F0
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x8F4
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x900
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x908
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x90C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x910
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x918
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x920
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x924
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x92C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x930
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x938
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x93C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x940
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x950
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x954
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x958
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x95C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x960
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xA60
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xA68
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xA70
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xA74
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xA78
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xA7C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xA80
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xA84
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xA88
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xA8C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xA90
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xA94
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xA98
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xA9C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xAA0
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xAA4
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xAA8
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xAAC
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xAB0
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xAB4
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xAB8
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xABC
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xAC0
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xAC4
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xAC8
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xACC
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xAD0
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xAD4
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xADC
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xAE0
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xAE4
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xAEC
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xAF0
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xAF4
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xAF8
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xAFC
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xB00
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xB04
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xB08
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xB10
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xB14
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xB1C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xB20
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xB2C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xB30
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xB3C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xB40
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xB48
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xB50
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xB54
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xB58
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xB5C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xB60
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xB68
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xB6C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xB70
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xB74
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xB78
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xB84
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xB88
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xB90
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xB94
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xB98
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xB9C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xBA0
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xBA4
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xBA8
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xBAC
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xBB0
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xBB8
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xBBC
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xBC0
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xBC8
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xBCC
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xBD0
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xBD4
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xBD8
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xBDC
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xBE0
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xBE4
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xBE8
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xBEC
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xBF4
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xBF8
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xBFC
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xC00
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xC04
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xC08
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xC0C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xC10
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xC14
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xC1C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xC20
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xC24
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xC28
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xC30
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xC34
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xC38
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xC3C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xC40
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xC44
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xC48
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xC4C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xC50
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xC5C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xC60
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xC64
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xC68
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xC6C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xC70
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xC74
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xC7C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xC84
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xC88
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xC8C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xC90
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xC94
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xC98
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xCA0
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xCA4
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xCA8
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xCAC
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xCB0
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xCB4
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xCB8
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xCC0
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xCC4
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xCD0
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xCD4
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xCD8
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xCE0
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xCE4
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xCE8
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xCF0
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xCF4
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xCF8
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xCFC
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xD04
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xD08
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xD0C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xD18
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xD1C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xD20
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xD24
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xD28
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xD30
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xD40
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xD44
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xD6C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xD78
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xD88
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xD9C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xDA4
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xDA8
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xDB0
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xDB4
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xDB8
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xDBC
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xDC0
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xDC4
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xDC8
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xDCC
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xDD0
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xDD4
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xDDC
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xDE0
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xDE4
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xDE8
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xDF4
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xDF8
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xE00
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xE0C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xE10
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xE18
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xE20
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xE24
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xE28
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xE2C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xE30
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xE34
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xE3C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xE40
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xE4C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xE50
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xE58
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xE60
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xE64
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xE68
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xE74
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xE7C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xE80
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xE84
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xE88
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xE8C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xE94
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xE98
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xE9C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xEA0
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xEA4
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xEA8
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xEAC
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xEBC
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xEC0
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xEC4
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xECC
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xED8
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xEE4
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xEE8
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xEEC
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xEF0
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xEF4
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xEF8
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xEFC
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xF00
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xF04
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xF08
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xF0C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xF10
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xF14
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xF18
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xF1C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xF24
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xF28
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xF2C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xF30
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xF38
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xF3C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xF40
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xF44
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xF48
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xF50
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xF54
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xF58
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xF5C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xF64
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xF6C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xF74
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xF78
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xF7C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xF80
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xF84
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xF88
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xF8C
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xF98
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xFA0
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xFA8
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xFAC
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xFB4
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xFB8
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xFC4
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xFC8
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xFCC
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xFD8
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xFDC
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xFE4
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0xFF0
File    \Device\Afd\Endpoint    0x1004
Key     HKLM    0x28
Key     HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Drivers32     0x4C
Key     HKU\S-1-5-21-1346778613-3577274575-384619034-1022       0x308
Key     HKLM\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\WinSock2\Parameters\Protocol_Catalog9        0x464
Key     HKLM\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\WinSock2\Parameters\NameSpace_Catalog5       0x46C
Key     HKU     0x578
KeyedEvent      \KernelObjects\CritSecOutOfMemoryEvent  0x4
Mutant  \BaseNamedObjects\ShimCacheMutex        0x30
Section \BaseNamedObjects\ShimSharedMemory      0x34
Section \BaseNamedObjects\hsperfdata_user_serv_6008     0x178
Thread  java.exe(6008): 4476    0x190
Thread  java.exe(6008): 4576    0x1D4
Thread  java.exe(6008): 4112    0x1EC
Thread  java.exe(6008): 2196    0x2F8
Thread  java.exe(6008): 1012    0x324
Thread  java.exe(6008): 5068    0x33C
Thread  java.exe(6008): 4164    0x354
Thread  java.exe(6008): 5256    0x364
Thread  java.exe(6008): 4476    0x45C
Thread  java.exe(6008): 4476    0x484
Thread  java.exe(6008): 5064    0x4D0
Thread  java.exe(6008): 5168    0x508
Thread  java.exe(6008): 5168    0x510
Thread  java.exe(6008): 4692    0x548
Thread  java.exe(6008): 5848    0x5B4
Thread  java.exe(6008): 5848    0x5B8
Thread  java.exe(6008): 5848    0x5CC
Thread  java.exe(6008): 2196    0x6BC
WindowStation   \Windows\WindowStations\Service-0x0-60cf0d9$    0x24

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