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From "Niklas Gustavsson" <nik...@protocol7.com>
Subject Re: Question on Ftplets
Date Sun, 16 Nov 2008 16:14:51 GMT
On Sun, Nov 16, 2008 at 4:09 PM, Sai Pullabhotla
<sai.pullabhotla@jmethods.com> wrote:
> I started changing the code the way we talked and found the following:
> The only common place where all FtpReplies go out seems to be from the
> FtpIOSession.writeObject() method. So, I updated this method to store
> the last reply in an instance variable of FtpIOSession class. Below is
> the new writeObject method:
>    public WriteFuture write(Object message) {
>        WriteFuture future = wrappedSession.write(message);
>        this.lastReply = (FtpReply) message;
>        return future;
>    }
> Then in the DefaultFtpHandler, line 144ish, added the new parameter on
> the call to ftplet.afterCommand.
>                try {
>                    ftpletRet = ftplets.afterCommand(session.getFtpletSession(),
>                            request, session.getLastReply());
>                } catch (Exception e) {
>                    LOG.debug("Ftplet container threw exception", e);
>                    ftpletRet = FtpletResult.DISCONNECT;
>                }

As noted before, multiple replies can be returned on one command (e.g.
during a STOR), thus the patch needs support for this. Also, it will
need unit tests for all functionality.

> So, the question to you is, do we really want to change the signature
> of Ftplet.afterCommand to include the FtpReply parameter or just have
> the Ftplet implementations retrieve the last reply from the
> FtpSession/FtpIoSession?

I would like it in the Ftplet callback rather than the session.

> Also, for passing additional information about the result of a command
> (as discussed in my previous email), I was thinking we should have a
> return value from the execute() method of Command class. This return
> type could be a ExecutionResult object which can be
> implemented/overridden by various commands to provide results with
> different parameters. If you like this idea, then need to update the
> Ftplet afterCommand method to simply include the ExecutionResult
> parameter which tells callers all about the result.
> In summary, I think we need to change the
>     void execute(FtpIoSession, FtpServerContext, FtpRequest)
> to
>     ExecutionResult execute(FtpIoSession, FtpServerContext, FtpRequest)

Let's wait with this patch, I don't think the change in the interface
is necessary and we can hold this until after 1.0.


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