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From Charles Karow <char...@karow.com>
Subject IODataConnection.getDataInputStream()
Date Mon, 12 Oct 2009 16:15:09 GMT
I have written a  special-purpose, upload-only server by writing my own 
implementation of the STOR command, and I need access to the input 
stream of the data connection so I can process the incoming file. I 
prefer not to complete an implementation of my own file system -- for 
what I am doing, that would be much too complex and is not needed.

I have done this successfully with an early version of ftpserver by 
modifying the source code, but I would rather be able to use the 
published binaries as this would make it much easier to stay current 
with new releases.

IODataConnection.getDataInputStream() is currently private. I was 
wondering whether there would be any possibility of making it public. 
Would there be any adverse consequences?


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