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From Toli Kuznets <tkuzn...@marinsoftware.com>
Subject Re: How do you specify a custom file system?
Date Wed, 02 Jun 2010 17:57:47 GMT

I sincerely apologize and withdraw my previous question due to user
error - I was editing the wrong Spring file, and hence was seeing the
error. My bad!

I see that you need to supply the FileSystemFactory to the
<ftp:filesystem> setup, and that supplies the User object to the

I think I can work with that, and I probably don't need to set the

thank you very much for the great design!

On Wed, Jun 2, 2010 at 10:48 AM, Toli Kuznets
<tkuznets@marinsoftware.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to specify a custom file system implementation to be users
> when users log in. I want to use one shared directory, and depending
> on user permissions, i'll need to show different set of visible
> directories to them. All the permissions will be coming from a db.
> I've noticed that there's a <ftp:filesystem> element in the ftp:server
> definition, but i can't seem to get the right Spring syntax to load it
> up.
> I've tried this:
> <ftp:server id="ftpServer" anon-enabled="false" max-anon-logins="-1">
>   <ftp:filesystem>
>       <bean id="filesystem" class="com.marin.plugin.MarinFileSystem"/>
>   </ftp:filesystem>
> </ftp:server>
> However, when i try running it i get the following error:
> BeanDefinitionParsingException: Configuration problem: Cannot locate
> BeanDefinitionParser for element [filesystem]
> Offending resource: class path resource [ftpserver-config.xml]
> What is the correct way to specify the filesystem?
> And a follow up question: How do you specify the FtpServerContext for
> the file system to be used? The FileSystem interface doesn't have any
> user information, and all my directory decisions must b edone based of
> the user that's browsing the file system.  I can crate the
> serverContext and pass it to my file system,but i need to have the
> FtpServer use that context.... I didn't see any mention of the context
> in the Spring configs.
> thanks.

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