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From Niklas Gustavsson <nik...@protocol7.com>
Subject Re: Browser's Cache or Configurable on FTP Server
Date Thu, 02 Sep 2010 07:56:54 GMT
On Thu, Sep 2, 2010 at 7:59 AM, bisanthe <bisanthe@gmail.com> wrote:
> I am
> curious about that, is there an option in ftp server to force ftp clients
> not to use local cache.
> Always ask for latest content from ftp server ? May ftp server can send a
> header to client about that.

Short answer: the FTP protocol has no notion of caching and thus no
way for a server to force clients to purge their caches.

Now, I don't know how browsers cache FTP results, but I would suspect
that if each of your emails contained a unique URL (say a generated
directory name, e.g. ftp://my-domain/build/8934893483), perhaps that
would force the browser to actually load from the server.


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