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From "Christian Gosch" <christian.go...@inovex.de>
Subject FTPlet entrySet: Sort order for multiple active FTPlets?
Date Fri, 18 Mar 2011 12:46:22 GMT

I just looked at the implementation of 
DefaultFtpletContainer.onConnect() and saw that it processes all 
contained (registered) Ftplets by traversing the (concurrent hash) map 
of declared Ftplets, just as onDisconnect().

But it does so based on the ftplets.entrySet() and the sort order which 
it imposes on the entry set, which in turn is "undefined" in that it 
does not guarantee any special sort order.

Why is the concurrent map ftplets not implemented as a map with a 
reliable sort order depending on the key values?

It may be good practice to have every registered Ftplet act 
independently of any other in the same container, but there may be good 
reasons to have an ordered sequence, may be by order of declaration, or 
by order of key or whatever may be appropriate.

Is there a special rationale behind this?

btw: I did not yet find any time to play around with this really :-(

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