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From apache-u...@arcor.de
Subject Problems embedding Apache ftpserver into a webapp via Spring
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2012 10:29:53 GMT
Hi there,

I need an ftp server within my webapp (running on Tomcat), allowing users to upload data files
that are imported into the database and then become visible in the webapp immediately.
According to the docs, Apache ftpserver is suitable for that job. And they say it's easily
embeddable in any already spring-configured app of any kind.

But ... The embedded ftp server does not bind to the configured port. When trying to connect
to it, I get a "Connection refused".

In my webapp's logs, I see a message that the ftpserver has read the SSL keystore and my user.properties.
So I know it is loaded at all.

Running the ftpserver in standalone mode works on my development PC. It still works when I
delete all 3rd party jars that come in the ftpserver download (aopalliance, logging, spring-beans,
spring-context, spring-core) and replace them with the corresponding jars (slightly different
version numbers) that are already used in my webapp. So I know it is not a jar version conflict.

But when I add the <server> from the standalone ftpd-typical.xml to my webapp's spring.xml
(and correct the pathes to the files), all I get is the little log message mentioned above
and the "Connection refused" on connect. No further error message, no further hint.
I added the <server> into the <beans> section where all of my service beans are
configured. As the docs said you can add the <server> config _anywhere_ in the existing
spring config, this should be a suitable place. But I'm not sure if it is really correct.

Dows anybody have an idea what the cause may be ?
Or at least where is a good point to start the investigation ?

Thanks a lot ...

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