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From Jarek Jarcec Cecho <>
Subject Re: org.apache.hadoop.mrunit.testutil.ExtendedAssert
Date Mon, 07 May 2012 05:24:30 GMT
Hi Jim,
generally speaking I have no objections. I would just suggest to be careful about moving code
that might be used by users. 

What about copying the class to test and marking the original copy under "main" as deprecated
and removing it after release or two?


On Sun, May 06, 2012 at 10:16:29PM -0400, Jim Donofrio wrote:
> org.apache.hadoop.mrunit.testutil.ExtendedAssert is only used by our
> test code and really belongs under src/test/java instead of the code
> we distribute. The code is just a few convenience methods for the
> JUnit assert methods which arent that useful considering 4 of the 5
> methods are for int's and runTest does more than the
> assertListEquals method. I think we should move the class to
> src/test/java and stop distributing it. Any thoughts?

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