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From gortiz <>
Subject Trying to use MRUnit with MultipleOutput
Date Mon, 13 Oct 2014 13:14:04 GMT
I'm trying to test some MapReduces with MRUnit 1.1.0, but I got this error:

     14/10/13 14:19:49 ERROR mrunit.TestDriver: Missing expected outputs 
for namedOutput 'a'
     14/10/13 14:19:49 ERROR mrunit.TestDriver: Missing expected output 
(b, a) for namedOutput 'a' at position 0.
     14/10/13 14:19:49 ERROR mrunit.TestDriver: Expected no pathOutputs; 
got 1 pathOutputs.
     14/10/13 14:19:49 ERROR mrunit.TestDriver: Received unexpected 
output (b, a) for unexpected PathOutput 'a'

   The code that I execute is:

     mapTextDriver.withInput(new LongWritable(1), new Text(content));
     mapTextDriver.withMultiOutput("a", "b", "a");

I was reading the JIRA 
where they add the new feature to MRUnit but I don't know what I'm missing..

I included as well the annotations:


I tried as well to execute the test like:
     List<Pair<NullWritable, Text>> outputs =;

But, I never got an output,  the  list has always size of 0.

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