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From Leonardo Uribe <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] MyFaces Core v2.0.5 Release
Date Sun, 10 Apr 2011 19:34:27 GMT
The Apache MyFaces team is pleased to announce the release of MyFaces Core 2.0.5.

MyFaces Core is a JavaServer(tm) Faces 2.0 implementation as specified by JSR-314. MyFaces
Core has passed Sun's JSR-314 TCK and is 100% compliant with the JSR-314 specification.

MyFaces Core 2.0.5 is available in both binary and source distributions.


MyFaces Core is also available in the central Maven repository under Group ID "org.apache.myfaces.core".

Release Notes - MyFaces Core - Version 2.0.5


     * [MYFACES-2457] - f:selectItem "escape" property not bound in facelets
     * [MYFACES-3035] - PostConstruct method is called before properties are injected on Tomcat
     * [MYFACES-3039] - MyFaces broken in Portlet environment: Fails to support extendable
     * [MYFACES-3040] - @PreDestroy Has Called 2 times
     * [MYFACES-3042] - CCE: when running in portlet: Remove Servlet dependencies in
     * [MYFACES-3043] - Ajax: response(...) function breaks if request(...) has not been called
     * [MYFACES-3044] - Resource jsf.js not found when using the OSGi bundle
     * [MYFACES-3045] - jsf.js jsf.ajax.request doesn't resolve calling URL correctly -- ajax
use in portlets broken
     * [MYFACES-3047] - Component resources disappear after page reload
     * [MYFACES-3049] - Bean Validation doesn't work with Glassfish el-impl-2.2
     * [MYFACES-3050] - jsf.js: Bug in onload handler and queue
     * [MYFACES-3054] - Allow forClass and value (converterId) together for @FacesConverter
     * [MYFACES-3061] - Failure rendering the whole page by ajax due to ui:debug
     * [MYFACES-3064] - UIView.createUniqueId shouldn't call encodeNameSpace to build the
     * [MYFACES-3065] - checkedViewIdCacheEnabled should only be FALSE in ProjectStage#Development
     * [MYFACES-3069] - Ajax: response function cannot be overrided by custom components
     * [MYFACES-3081] - javax.faces.Application addBehaviors() throws UnsupportedOperationException
when it shouldn't
     * [MYFACES-3096] - Attached object pointing to the same component twice add one of them
     * [MYFACES-3102] - FaceletViewDeclarationLanguage.getRenderedViewId is not necessary
anymore since JSF 2.0


     * [MYFACES-2995] - Make method of determinine app context in FactoryFinder pluggable
     * [MYFACES-3005] - Only send Flash cookie if needed
     * [MYFACES-3071] - jsf.js: improve dynamic code loading
     * [MYFACES-3072] - jsf.js: improvement in the error reporting
     * [MYFACES-3073] - jsf.js: code cleanup _Runtime.js

New Feature

     * [MYFACES-2290] - Add OSGi bundle information and bundle classloader / activator


     * [MYFACES-3062] - drop cglib from api tests


Leonardo Uribe

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