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Subject svn commit: r347961 - /myfaces/tomahawk/trunk/tld/tomahawk.tld
Date Mon, 21 Nov 2005 19:35:42 GMT
Author: baranda
Date: Mon Nov 21 11:35:37 2005
New Revision: 347961

Fixes MYFACES-846


Modified: myfaces/tomahawk/trunk/tld/tomahawk.tld
--- myfaces/tomahawk/trunk/tld/tomahawk.tld (original)
+++ myfaces/tomahawk/trunk/tld/tomahawk.tld Mon Nov 21 11:35:37 2005
@@ -801,22 +801,18 @@
-            <p>
             Clickable sort column header.
             Must be nested inside an extended data_table tag.
             This tag is derived from the standard command_link tag and
             has the additional attributes columnName and arrow.
-            </p>
-            <p>
             Note: In contrast to normal command links, the default for the "immediate"
             attribute is "true". This is desirable as it avoids validating all input
             fields in the enclosing form when the column sort order changes. HOWEVER
-            when the <i>table</i> contains input components "immediate" <i>must</i>
+            when the table contains input components "immediate" must be
             set to false; otherwise input fields will render blank after a sort, or
             will show their old values (ie will not appear to sort though output
             fields in the table will sort) when sort ordering is changed.
-            </p>
-        </description> 
+         </description> 

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